Social network platforms are of top benefit in our day-to-day activities, it has been a useful and helpful innovation which constantly aids communication. There are various kinds of social media platforms such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, messenger etc. These platforms help the human capital factor. The 5 EASY STEPS TO RECOVER YOUR BANNED/DISABLED INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT 

In this article, we shall be looking at the 5 EASY STEPS TO RECOVER YOUR BANNED/DISABLED INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT.

Instagram is a photo-sharing and social networking service; it is also a popular photo-sharing app that allows you to connect with brands, thought-leaders, celebrities, friends and families etc. 

For you to recover your banned/ disabled Instagram account, you must first know how to identify if your Instagram account has been disabled. In this article, we shall also be looking at how to identify if your Instagram account has been disabled/ banned.

How to identify if your Instagram account has been banned or disabled 

To verify if your Instagram account has been disabled/ banned while trying to log in, a message pops up stating “Your account is disabled.

Here is a sample of how it looks like when trying to login

Error, Instagram account disabled

This will lead us to the 5 easy steps on how to recover your banned/ disabled Instagram account; with these steps, processes and procedures, your Instagram account which has been banned or disabled will be recovered. 


  1. Make use of the option “Sign in”
  2. On the page follow this option, and make use of your username, some problems might come up during this process if you had changed your username.
  3. A recovery code will be sent by Instagram to you using your email if done correctly and accurately
  4. A link will be sent by Instagram to you in order to reset your password. 
  5. Once this task is complete and verified: your Instagram account becomes successfully recovered.

With these steps, procedures and processes, you have successfully recovered your banned/ disabled Instagram account. You might be curious to know why your account was disabled/ banned.  We shall be stating some specific or major reasons for a banned/ disabled account  


  1. Violating the Instagram Terms and Conditions
  2. Having a Fake Identity
  3. Behaving like a spammer 
  4. Copyright problem 
  5. Illegal/Offensive posts
  6. Selling counterfeit goods 
  7. Using 3rd Party apps such as tracking unfollowers of your profile, watching Instagram stories anonymously etc. 


It is not usually immediately for Instagram to reactivate your account; after going through the steps and processes, Instagram reviews and rectifies some activities before reactivating a disabled/ banned account. 

Generally, it takes around 1-7 days for Instagram to activate a disabled/ banned Instagram account. Always check your email connected with your Instagram account for any details regarding your account activation code.

We will also look at the Instagram Shadowban, the Instagram Shadowban is a problem worth solving; these problems have caused a lot of controversies on the internet.

In this article, we shall also look at Instagram Shadowban and how it can be solved.

What is Instagram Shadowban

An Instagram Shadowban is an action that limits every content reach by the process of restricting visibility. The basic signal of a Shadowban is the hashtagged content not showing on the explore pages to anyone except your followers.

There are 7 basic steps for resolving Instagram Shadowban. These steps are as follows:

 7 Basic Steps of Resolving The Instagram Shadowban 

  1. Do not be involved with any activities that go against the Instagram terms of Service
  2. Renege any permissions for any unapproved third-party apps  
  3. Do not use restricted or banned hashtags 
  4. Do not act like a robot
  5. Take a break from Instagram 
  6. Avoid indecent/ unofficial post 
  7. Reach out for Instagram support.

In conclusion, this article contains all you need to know about the banned Instagram account, how it can be resolved and other problems that can come up. I believe this article has been of great help to you.

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