Paypal is an online payment system that makes online payments, sending and receiving money safe and secure. It is an online financial platform or service that allows one to pay for items using a secure internet account. Let’s see the 12 best steps to open a Paypal account in Nigeria. It gives a comprehensive knowledge of how to open a PayPal account in Nigeria without any form of stress or anxiety. This article educates the step-by-step process to open a PayPal account in Nigeria.

We shall be looking at the various steps to open a Paypal account in Nigeria; To start with, what are the requirements needed to open a PayPal account in Nigeria?

Requirements for Opening a Paypal Account in Nigeria

  1. Mobile phones or PC
  2. A valid email address

Note: This should be an address that is not yet linked with any other Paypal account

  1. Visa or a Master card linked to a Nigeria bank account, but not linked to any other PayPal account 

This could be a credit or debit card; this is necessary for verifying your PayPal account. The service will debit a little amount of money from the card to confirm your transaction; once the transaction is confirmed, the account will be verified.

A dollar Master card can also be used which is said to be the best; a naira master card is also used. Nevertheless, just one card is needed either the Naira or Dollar MasterCard. 

Having gotten the requirements for opening a PayPal account in Nigeria, we will highlight the 12 best steps for opening a PayPal account in Nigeria.

12 Best Steps To Open a Paypal account in Nigeria 

  1. Visit the Paypal site; www.paypal.com.ng on your chrome browser or whatever browser you wish either on PC or Smartphones.
  2. Click on Sign up 
  3. Enter email address 

(It does not really have to be a Gmail or a yahoo account. It could be anything@yourcompanyname.com.)

  1. Create your password

Type in your password and make sure it is a password you can remember at any time. 

  1. Enter your personal information 

Type in details such as names, date of birth, address, phone number etc; while filling in the address make sure that it matches with the address used in opening an account in the bank

  1. Describe your business 
  2. Enter card details, and also put in your card nos , expiry date and the last 3 digits behind your debit card.
  1. Email verification

Go to your email account and verify; this process is called email verification.

  1. Identity Verification 
  2. Your account has been setup 
  3. Test it by sending $10 to anyone or to your PayPal account abroad (if you have one)
  4. The debit alert comes in naira from your local bank. 

These 12 easy step-by-step processes help in opening and creating a Paypal account in Nigeria.


It is important, and necessary to have a working Paypal Account in Nigeria as it helps in various banking activities. The reasons are listed below: 

  1. It helps in making purchases online 
  2. You can easily receive international payments
  3. It helps in sending money abroad. 

4 Easy steps on how to receive money using Paypal in Nigeria

Money, payments etc cannot be received through a personal Paypal account in Nigeria. You can only send money, make payments and shop online; funds can be received through a business Paypal account.

4 Easy steps on how to receive money in Nigeria

  1. Open a Paypal business account.
  2. Select and set up your preferred payment system on your website. Read and follow the instructions on how to set up your website in order to receive money from your clients.
  3. Send invoices or request payments to your clients through the business account or you can possibly request funds from your customers. Paypal emails can also be used to receive money
  4. Link your credit/debit card or bank account to your Paypal account for the purpose of making purchases. 

4 Easy steps on how to close a Paypal Account 

In order to close a Paypal account, there are simple steps and processes which can be followed. Steps/process on how to close a Paypal account is shown below:

4 steps on how to close a Personal Paypal Account

  1. Log in to your PayPal account using a laptop, computer, smartphone or tablet
  2. Click on the “gear icon” to access the settings menu 
  3. Next, click the “account” tab, if you are not on the page by default
  4. Click on “Close your account” at the bottom of the page. 

4 Easy steps to close a Business Paypal Account

  1. Login to your Paypal account on a web browser
  2. Click on the “Profile” Button which is next to the “Logout” button
  3. Next, click on the “profile and settings” button
  4. Click on the “Account Settings”, and click on the “Close account” button 

Process made easy.

In conclusion, this article provides you with the necessary information needed for your Paypal account in Nigeria.

All information needed about the Paypal application is embedded in this article.

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If you are looking to choose the right domain name for your business or brand, then this article will guide you on the pros and cons to look out for before choosing one.

As a new business or if you have never had a website before you must have asked “how do I choose the right domain name?” or “what domain name should I choose for my business?”

In this article we are going to be looking at:

  1. Why choose a specific domain vs SEO
  2. Understanding how Google thinks of your domain and your entire website
  3. Choosing a keyword vs branded domain name
  4. How to get a domain name

Why choose a specific domain vs SEO

Your domain name is the address of your website, this is how people find you online, it also tells Google or whatever search engine the specific address of your website.

When anyone needs to find your website online through a google search, your domain name is where google sends them to when they try to find you online.

Understanding How Google Thinks Of Your Domain And Your Entire Website

Domain name and SEO

Your domain name is WHERE you are, while your website is WHO you are.

If your website doesn’t have a proper SEO done, this simply means when people or visitors generally search for your business, that is: WHO you are online, using specific keywords such as “Best caterer in Lagos” or ”Top caterer near me” related to what you do or what your brand is about and your domain name or website doesn’t pop up, this simply means  Google doesn’t have enough information to help show your website as a credible or worthy business or brand to your visitors.

So irrespective of your website domain name, google cant showcase what you do to those who are searching, the first thing to do is to get a domain name for your brand online.

Choosing A Keyword Vs Branded Domain Name

Keyword-based Domain Hack for SEO

A shortcut to hacking the Google SEO is to use a keyword-based domain

For example: if you are new and you use a keyword-based domain name such as “Naijacaterer.com” or “Lagoscaterer.com” because this is a keyword-based domain name, Google will begin to rank your website top for all searches related to the top caterer in Lagos or Naija or even Nigeria.

This is simply you telling google that WHERE you are is also WHO you are

The benefits of using keyword-based domain names are:

  1. It gives your brand a quick SEO boost
  2. Instant ranking
  3. Your competition can’t use this domain and by so doing you get an edge above your competition
  4. Consumers see you as a bigger brand within your locality, as they feel a Top Lagos brand is definitely is a big brand

Cons of using keyword-based domain

  1. It could be a longer name for a brand, for example, a brand with the domain name “Topcatererinlagos.com” or “Bestrealestateinnigeria.com” these are quite long for visitors to remember and also affects your overall brand. Also, this could lead to longer email addresses for your email: “JamesGreen@topcatererinlagos.com” or “BimboSodiq@bestrealestateinnigeria.com”
  2. It also keeps your offers restricted, in the nearest future you might want to expand your product offering, but your domain name is focused on one product or service you offer hence, you won’t be able to rank for additional products you might want to offer with the same domain name.

It’s good to also mention that using the keyword-based domain sometimes as an SEO hack makes a lot of businesses focus less on website SEO, however, website SEO is more important than keyword-based domain.

When a brand works on their SEO by ranking for keywords in your domain, they would eventually rank higher than you, so a little heads up for you: never focus only on keyword-based SEO if you are considering using one.

How To Get A Domain Name For Your Business or Brand

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Your website is the lens through which your community perceives your value”

In this article, we will be looking at how to define your website goal.

Knowing how to define or set clear website goals are very important and must align with your business goals.

As an entrepreneur you provide value through the experience you create online.

Having a fancy website is good however, providing a medium through which visitors can interact with your brand online is key while defining your website goals. Each customer’s reaction is solely based on how you present yourself online.

Your website’s singular goal is to increase the perception and value decisions of your customers while searching online.

You might have the best service within your community, but as modern consumer trends changes, your visitors may not experience this value while searching for your business online.

You have to deliver the right value that synchronizes with your online presence.

Most businesses are great in physical value but Google may not know this. Google only presents whoever is able to reflect the best value online, that’s why clearly understanding how to define your website goals are very important

So for new visitors searching online irrespective of your great values as a business, without a well-defined website goal, you keep losing quality leads to those who might not necessarily offer 10% of your value.

Use niche-based keywords

Protect your community when they go online searching for terms like “Best caterer near me ” or ” Top makeup artist near me” or ” Top ten graphics designers” your website should rank for the right keywords which then showcase you as a quality brand or business to patronize.

So as much as you invest in your physical equipment think of your website as well as digital equipment and should always remain flawless.

Right now most of your audience are actively searching for your service online and are interacting with various websites, googling about various businesses even before interacting with your service physically.

Most visitors are actively researching online we call this ( Google traffic) using various keywords, try using your business keywords and study your competition.

If you are into the catering business, try searching ‘best caterers near me ” or “Top restaurants”. Look at who’s ranking and compare it with yours based on the Google reviews on their website visitors will make decisions to visit them whether their food is good or not.

What experience do people have when searching for your business?

The goal of your website is to create the best possible experience when people are searching for your brand/business online, and your website is the tool to help you create the best experience online when they are searching.

Your website is not trying to convince or sell them what you do or why they need your services. Note, that your audience are already searching so your website is only to convince them that you are the best service provider to choose.

3 ways to stand out online with your website

1. Convert existing traffic into leads through a new website:

A new website with the right message, call to action, and the right technical experience, such as how fast your website loads makes it easier for users to navigate your website.

2. Convert your organic traffic:

Improving your keyword rank, if we have a keyword that generates lots of traffic we can make it better and as well rank for other keywords as well until we rank the best for all keywords relevant to our niche and by so improve our overall traffic. The number of clicks you get is based on your rank on the Google platform and how many people are searching with your keywords.

3. Observe the data and make the right changes.

Changes could be based on a new service or technology trend or a change in conversion, all these are data that could influence your traffic, hence we track and improve based on these changes.

If you would like to improve your website leads for the right goal in your business then remember it all begins with your website getting a steady flow of website visits and monthly lead generation.

Make sure your audience always perceives your business through your website as the most qualified.

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Understanding landing pages vs websites and highly converting traffic are important to every business.

Before you can decide on what to change on your website for qualified leads, traffic, and high conversion rate we need to understand the fundamentals, Landing pages vs websites.

Our goal:

Is to first understand why some clicks convert and some don’t. To really understand this, we need to first understand the difference between inbound and outbound traffic.

Lead generation is not solely about driving traffic to your website. Yes! leads are important however, what gives the necessary clicks is the right alignment between web traffic and your message.

A good number of businesses online generate traffic but get no conversion from their Landing pages or websites.

A good thing to note is the type of traffic and where the traffic is coming from.

Inbound vs outbound traffic.

Inbound traffic are traffic from platforms like Google search, these types are generated when a consumer is actively searching for your service online through search, simply because they have a need and are aware of that need and are actively seeking the right service or solutions.

Outbound traffic are customers who are not searching for your service, we seek such consumers by going out to search for these consumers either through putting ads outside and people are invited to a specific page to take certain action through platforms like Facebook, ads, billboards, and mails.

So inbound traffic are from people actively searching for your service and linking to your website.

Outbound traffic are traffic responding to an ad directed to your landing pages or squeeze pages.

With inbound traffic the visitor’s lookout for your reputation online, reviews, and your overall brand. While outbound traffic are sold on your promotion. Leads from outbound traffic seek a different message different from inbound traffic, this messaging should be based on the logical sales journey whether inbound or outbound.

Visitors from inbound traffic seek to understand a different message, they ask questions about why they should consider your overall brand for their needs; with outbound traffic they seek to know why they should consider your offer or promoted service.

The purpose of your website is to appear in searches and show good reviews. Your website should seek actively to rank as No.1 within your niche.

Google AdWords is a good way to supplement inbound traffic.

“Not all leads are the same”. 

Understanding FB/GOOGLE ADS for lead generation.

A systematic way to improve your marketing campaign is through inbound marketing strategies such as a well-optimized website, SEO, and referrals.

For outbound traffic/leads a well-optimized landing page with an outbound lead generation strategy is the way to go.

Always understand your website is designed to get you inbound leads, making sure messages align with your traffic channel.

With outbound leads your strategy is different and in this case, your landing page must align with your ad copy.

Golden nugget 

Who is suggesting you don’t need a website is simply saying your outbound lead strategy is good enough for your business growth.

The issue with this strategy is you don’t have control over these platforms like FB ads. You can lose your lead generation channels and can change and affect your overall growth.

In summary, all quadrants of your lead generation strategy. ( Inbound and outbound) are important.

3 Steps to an effective online marketing campaign

  1. Define your leads and messaging accordingly.
  2. Gear towards an incremental measurable growth.
  3. Set a goal for your growth and use the appropriate overall to hit this goal for your business.

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3 key factors are necessary

  1. A well-optimized landing page
  2. A great copy that converts
  3. A consistent flow of traffic from a hungry audience

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